Order a Transcendbitlessbridle and a pair of SmartRiderUK Escape safety stirrups, at the same time and I will refund P&P for one.

(£8 for UK)

Shipping is £8 for each pair of stirrups, this is due to the weight of the stirrups which need to be sent 1 pair to a box. 

Please contact for overseas shipping


SmartRider UK Breakaway Safety Stirrups

Welcome to SmartRider UK Safety Stirrups, where we aim to make your horse riding safer, more comfortable and more confident  to help increase your enjoyment in the saddle!

Whilst our SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups won't stop you from falling, they will allow you to enjoy the freedom of horse riding, secure with the knowledge that if you do part company with your horse, you'll do just that!!!

For both Western and English style riding there is the SmartRider 'Escape' Breakaway Safety Stirrup available in a range of 8 colours – Black, Brown, Blue, Burgundy, Cream, Red, Pink and Purple to match your favourite colour scheme!

SmartRider UK Escapes

Currently unavailable:The Escape can also have hand made leather coverings to give that touch of luxury

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Safety Stirrups