Sue Thomas,  COVENTRY, UNITED KINGDOM.    Phone: 07767 660915

To order bespoke stirrups please message us from our contact page, or call the number above.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment on Facebook or Personal Message Sue Thomas.


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Offering the usual breakaway safety stirrups features as all our Escapes these are covered in a soft leather with a laced finish.

You can design your own colour scheme using any of the 8 colours from our Escapes range and have them covered in a soft leather in brown or black.

Contact us for more details or to discuss your design.


Please choose the correct weight of stirrup.

  • Light – 6st 3lb to 9st 6lb, 40 to 60 kg
  • Med 9st 7lb to 12st 8lb, 61 to 80kg
  • Heavy 12st 9lb to 17st 4lb, 81 to 110 kg

Western Style Laced Leather Covered Escape

  • If you want a different colour choice than those available here please contact us.

    Handcrafted leather covers take time, please allow at least 6 weeks for completion.

    Please be aware that due to the design of these stirrups you may require shorter stirrup leathers.