Lucy Wild - Man vs Horse

June 2017

Smart rider stirrups looking good at Man Vs Horse 2017! Only had to get off once but much appreciated the built in extension step when it came to jump back on an excited pony.

Anne Williams

June 2017

Love my smart rider stirrups got 2 pairs black on my barefoot saddle and these on western saddle feel much safer using them thanks!

Ange Pange

June 2017

I bought them specifically for the safety feature but I was really surprised to find that I just felt so much more secure in my seat. My position seemed better somehow and my feet didn't move from the tread, which is wider than regular stirrups. I have a tendency to move my lower legs too much when trotting but they didn't move nearly as much. I'm amazed that a pair of stirrups could make so much difference!

S Dooper

June 2017

These are the best stirrups I have ever ridden in you don't realize that you have them on so comfy. My horse decided to have a little buck or two last night and my position never moved . Highly recommend

Debbie Gray

May 2017

I love my new escapes. My western stirrups used to make my ankles and hips hurt, but now I'm comfortable again. They match my saddle and friends didn't realise they were safety stirrups. One very happy customer.

Shelly Newton Carter

March 2017

I have just started riding with my SmartRider Safety Stirrups and I’m enjoying riding with them. I found their nicely curved tread very comfortable, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have been trying to find stirrups that don’t make my foot hurt and these are working well. I also love how wonderfully light weight they are with their strong, easy to use design and great colourful range. As a Natural Horsemanship, Bitless Riding & Horse Agility Instructor I am going to enjoy allowing my students to test them out too.

Lucy Wild

March 2017

Firstly, they look fabulous and can be matchy matchy with the rest of your kit which is obviously very important! Secondly, they seem to help me place my legs/feet in a much better position as I usually have rather turned out toes but not nearly as bad in these stirrups. Finally, they are SO safe! Love knowing that if I come off I won’t get dragged, I’ve come off twice already in them and although they haven’t had to ‘activate’ my feet have fallen out of them so I can highly recommend them. Also love the ability to turn them round as a mounting aid, very useful after the aforementioned dismounting incidents, couldn’t be more pleased with them really.


Samantha Ferneley

March 2017

I started using the Smart Rider stirrups a few months ago after seeing an incident online. It made me realise how vulnerable I was in normal stirrups riding a 6 year old powerful sharp Spanish horse. I find them very comfortable to use, especially on my ankles which didn’t suffer at all on a recent 4 hour hack. They are very light to use and the mounting option is very useful when caught out on a hack

Fi Hewkin

March 2017

I love these stirrups! I have just started to jump again and to teach my horse jump. She is a very hot, sharp PRE who seems to love her jumping. I am a small middle aged woman who is quite nervous. The Smart Rider stirrups make me feel much safer and more secure. Just knowing that I won’t get my foot caught is making things so much easier

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