Interesting, thought provoking trip to HOYS. I looked at the safety stirrups available through retail outlets, and spoke to sellers.

My observations: several types had serious spikes in the treads, designed to keep your foot in place. SmartRider escapes have chunky rubber grips which prevent your foot from slipping.

Some stirrups, if they come apart to release you if you fall, need to then be returned to the manufacturer to be either replaced or repaired. Smart Rider escapes you simply put back together, (upside down if you need a help back on).

I asked about history of breaking, some safety stirrups have breakage reputation and histories. SmartRider has no breaking history.

I looked at prices: compare the market, look at the available safety stirrups, I guarantee you will not find safety stirrups at the price of SmartRiders

Why are SmartRiders financially the best buy ? Because they are only available through chosen distributors, so there is no huge mark-up. This makes it possible for Escapes to be sold at an affordable price.

SmartRider Breakaway Escapes enabling you to Ride Safe Ride Smart.

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